Cloacker or Prelander for DM's, BIO? Custom domains? To hide CPA links

Hey guys, as the title says, who mind sharing their strategy for sending dm’s, what type of links you are using, and how many per account? Can I just put the CPA link in the Linktree shortener? IG bots don’t go that deep? Or should I buy the cheapest domains and use cloacker?

  1. What about for the M/S method, also unique domains or popular prelanders like Linktree? For mass accounts of course. Cause as I imagine you can’t spam your main account without getting ghosted or banned and link all your accounts that way?

  2. What about BIO links? Worth it? Or just stick to DM’s for CPA spam?

            Sorry, got back to Instagram again and I'm not able to test methods yet, still warming up a different type of accounts.

Nobody wants to share?

I wouldn’t use links in DMs as most European countries have banned them.

I don’t anything about CPA. I just tag the mother account using spintax and only dm followers.

If you want to send links and send them to non followers you need to be prepared to see accounts die and replace them ASAP. Its not good for longevity