-Cloacking- What it is? *INTRO*

What Is a Cloacker?
Showing certain IPs a different landing page to the main money site is called cloaking.


Expensive- Cloackers are very expensive. They can cost 1000$+/month or one time fee of 10k/20k$. These are just numbers. Some costs more, some less.
Scams- There are lot of scammers on Cloacker niche. Why? Cause this stuff is “underground”so it can be easier for scammers to get away with it.
Cloacker- The cloakers are NOT perfect. You’re going to have “legit” visitors that the cloaker will mistaken as a reviewer. If your campaign is spending $500-1k a day, that means it’s possible that you’ll lose $100-200 a day because of the cloaker. Are you profiting enough from your campaign to afford this?
Losing Your Accounts- A common situation is someone will have a $5k spend Facebook account. They’re making $500 a day profit running clean campaigns, and they’re curious about using a cloaker.NO cloaker will work 100%. Sometimes a reviewer will go through the software and you get your account banned. Imagine running a clean campaign for over a year on that account and making $500 a day. Then imagine running a cloaked campaign. With the cloaked campaign you could end up making $1,500 a day, but it gets banned 20 days later.Clean = 365 * $500 = $182,500
Cloaked = 20* $1,500 = $30,000
This is just an example but it’s the kind of risk analysis you have to make.

This is Not a Magic Bullet

If you’re not cashing a good amount of money yet, a cloaker’s just going to waste your time and money.

Should you or shouldn’t you cloak? Well…it depends. I’m just here to share some information so you can make the decision on your own.


I’m interested in cloaking links as I scale up, does anyone have any experience of cloakers or different methods?

Well said, cloakers don’t work 100% and they are very expensive.

Maybe @Mr.Magnificent do, let’s see :wink:

really nice share @Mr.Magnificent , I guess the more you go into the black hat methods the more you should expect to loose accounts, you just need to sum everything up and see if it’s worth it at the end of the month.

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Hi @Mr.Magnificent

i have a tracking softwear that have clocking ability.
you may check it (google clickmagic)
Here is the option button:

ill be glad to here the pro forum users on this one too.

P.S. Great discussion , bookmarked:)

More theory than practical experience @instagramfamousfam @Said

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@Issac the price is very, very very low.
There is not any “no limit” offer and you are limited by clicks in each of their packages.

Low Price,Low Quality? Well i haven’t used it so i can’t say that but keep in mind that a very good cloacker i know (not gonna mention it here) costs more than $1k per 100k clicks.

The service you mentioned per each 1.000.000 clicks costs 60$…

Try with fraudbuster