Cloaker / FB Post in groups



I’m building authority website with articles in selected niche. I want to bring some trafic from social media for the start. I own several FB personal accounts. I just fight with idea /oldschool/ post in FB groups with I don’t want to ban whole domain. I know that redirect of domains also doesn’t work.

Any cheap suggestion to get direct or not direct cloaking url to authority website without get banned ?

Ideas:prelander WP sites, post with authority url from FB page.


Why not use Manychat (FB Messenger)? Use a lander (one of the tools in MC), and start a sequence with your content. The link that would be in the groups would be MC, which is okay, and your main site would be inside the sequence, thus hidden to an extent from FB. Plus, MC is free, and you would be able to create a list at the same time. There is pretty good training on their blog. I set up my 1st (without every having using it) in about a couple of hours.


any tutorial or steps on how to do so? I searched for this Lander in Tools and didnt find it


It’s not bad plan.

Thank you.


Will Facebook ban your domain by posting to groups?


I expect that they will be ban due spam activity.


I don’t use Manychat anymore. Check out their blog, it has a bunch of great tutorials, as well as a Youtube channel that shows everything. The lander was in growth tools, if I remember correctly. @ghada.nahnoush


Maybe you can buy some cheap domains and redirect to your main url.


you can check fb debug tool … its easier than you think to detect redirect urls to main and count spam activity.


Make one preland page on the, then redirect the customers to the main site/blog, has it been already detected easily by FB?


it could be detected but not such bad,