Cloaking and redirect

guys is there any paid or free plugin like

profit WP because the new update need 7.2 PHP and Hostgator do not allow it for shared hosting!

Im still using the previous version that needed 7.1 and its fine. I do have the version that uses 7.2 too but I dont see much difference between them. They both function fine. What version do Hostgator allow?

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I have my own script which i paid someone to code for me. plus+ You can add your own title - image etc…

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if you have the previous version please send me it because i Profit support to send me it and no reply yet!

what the features of yours?and how much it cost you

I have 2 versions. Previous version which i like is you enter your Main URL ► Then you upload image + Title ► click next and your links are created. You can create as many links as you want . e.g. 16 links created all at once (all have same image but different IMG URL ).

The new version does the same but in redirect page there is a youtube video + some text shown for facebook bot to make it legit.

However i like the older version.

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how much it cost you to code it?

for who have this problem i found that name cheap offering 5$ host with the needed option to active Profit Redirect.
good luck guys,
and thank you