[CLOSED] 10 IG Accounts giveaway!

I just created 10 IG accounts with the starting word “Beauty” no underscore or numbers used. if any wanna get this accounts for free just ping me. All usernames are cool and commonly used words. example beautyupbeat, beautyaccurate, beautymassive, beautyteeny etc

Giveaway for publicity

fresh accounts… created 2 hours back thats it…created on usa IP… i dont have proxies

i am actually FB accounts seller i just wanna start selling IG accounts too. but i am new to IG so created some accounts and i wanna see the market response. you can check my thread here.

lol i m not scammer

Ignore the lady Pal.
I’ll be glad to have one of those to test.
Please p.m me the detailes

check your inbox @Issac


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: don’t forget to include email and password. I’ll take one :slight_smile:


@Adnan can you please tell me the niche name

Hey @cheapadpromo I’ll happily take one of those off your hands if you haven’t had these snapped up just yet :slight_smile:.

Thanks man :thumbsup:

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@michaelappleton Plz mention your niche name i am creating fresh accounts

Weightloss … Thanks @cheapadpromo really appreciated :slight_smile:.

@michaelappleton plz note- i am just giving niche related username accounts.
you will get email ID & Login password. you have to login to email and verify the accounts or you have to phone verify your account if IG asks.

Thanks man, this is really appreciated … I am guessing you will be selling IG accounts in the future?

@michaelappleton yes… i dont have old accounts so all i am creating fresh one. but before i create i need to know market needs for these kind of accounts.

accounts delivered to @Issac and @wortime
two more 10accounts will be sent to @Adnan and @michaelappleton

No more giveaway…its closed


Where can I give you a rating? You have a sales thread?

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@wortime No sales thread yet i am just collecting feedback

Beuaty, fitness, whatever suits you better :slight_smile:

@Adnan please check your inbox

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Is this still open ? If yes send me one, thanks

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