[CLOSED] Free (Beta Test) Email account creator #itsover

Update: It’s Over

So i just got an email from another software that i used which is turboware, i rarely use it now since it’s the SEO days are over for me.

But his prog is solid. And now it seems he’s launching email creator and it’s free for beta testing.

Apparently, since I got into MP forum, i haven’t visited BHW as much as i used to, so this is like, a month+ ago? lol.

Not sure you can skip right to it. But this is the sign up page. https://www.turboware.net/members/signup

Email transcript:

We have the pleasure to announce that the new TurboEAC is almost ready for the prime time.

You can test it (for free) till the official release. Your feedback would be appreciated.

To test the application, login to your account, go to add/renew subscription, take the TurboEAC free beta test subscription. Download and install it, use your username and password and copy the computer ID to your member profile in the second field (named “TurboEAC Computer ID”).


Turboware Team.


Haha :smiley: Cool to see inbox.lv there ( biggest email provider in my country :smiley: )

Hey i just got it and for some reason it keeps unchecking my proxy everytime i save and exit XD what am i doing wrong? i bought this on a whime without knowin how to use XDDDD

I dont know why you bought it when its still free lol. But since you bought it you should message him.

This totally works, and is super bad ass people!

nice share @dddd :wink:

I know exactly what you mean :wink:

Link isn’t loading. Probably too late now

Both links are up. Only the beta test is over. Though the price of the software is reasonably cheap.

Alright thanks man. Appreciate it. Im checking the packages

@dddd What is so special about using this software?? Can the email gained be used for creating Instagram accounts using massproxy??

Theres nothing special. Its just account creator. And the accounts are exactly the same account as you would creating using the manual way.

Do you create any new Instagram accounts with the email created using this software??

That is entirely subjective. There are so many type of provider out there i dont even know. But i only used the ones i know which is mail.ru and i didnt have any problem.

Again, this has nothing to do with the software.

Closed it so people stop adding to it.

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