[CLOSED] 💫 Learn how to do Social Media Advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram and more

Hey Guys,

Things have changed a lot in the last year. I use automation and get results for my clients with it, but have also diversified my portfolio to include classic whitehat Social Media Methods that now drive a big part of my revenue.

My agency has managed campaigns that led to television appearances for models that modeled for Reebok Nike etc. and also grew the Instagram Accounts of the Founder of a Billion Dollar company to over 60k. Furthermore, we consulted one of the major labels of the music industry and helped an upcoming Gin brand to develop its online business in the e-commerce niche.

If any of you wants to head down the same route, I now offer you the opportunity to learn it in a 1 on 1 session. I already shared most of the info on the public site of the community, but if you want to speed up your results a little bit or get stuck somewhere feel free to hit me up.

I offer the following services:

    1. Learn how to create Google Search Engine Ads that put your website in the top search results
    1. Learn how to implement the Google HTML Code to track Conversions
    1. Learn how to do Youtube Pre-roll Ads , that get your client Youtube Clicks for around 1 Cent per Click
    1. Learn how to create Facebook Ads , that grow Instagram Account Followers or get You Sales . Of course, everyone can create a simple Ad, but very few people are actually able to create Ads over multiple continents and track the results for every country individually.
    1. Learn how to integrate the Facebook Pixel to track your conversions
    1. Learn how to promote Songs via Instagram Ads to increase your Spotify Listeners and how to track the Results using Linkfire and Spotify for Artists .

Every single service I teach you is a new service you can sell to your client to increase your revenue.

My hourly rate is 130$ and half of the money needs to be paid upfront. If you want a specific problem solved write to me before, so I can prepare a bit. The payment can be done via PayPal. You can contact me via mpsocial. For reasons, I think everyone understands I don´t give out my agency name or the specific project references, but if we do a consulting together of course I can show you proof. I hope you guys are doing great!


Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!

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I got to know @Itachi through this forum around 2 years ago and since then we became friends in real life. I have visited him several times just to hang out or to work on social media projects together.
I am not that deep into the offered services, but I can vouch that you will get German quality without the usual bullshitting in the SMM world. He always goes the extra mile for his clients and I also know some German clients of him personally that are working with him for a long time and always speaking of him in the highest tones.
Sounds like a good price for a German professional so highly recommend him if you are looking top quality :call_me_hand:t2:


Awesome sale’s thread, I’m quite interested in this section, as I’m currently doing ads for some clients, mostly getting engagement click’s at 0.03 to 0.01$ from really targeted and tier 1 counties.

The problem I have is that this ad campaign’s mostly bring engagement and very little number of followers.

I will be interested in booking a consultation with you if you have some examples of growth via ads (estimated ads budget for 1K USA followers) for a good looking account. Considering the account is verified and with 9/10 quality content.



Sent you a PM!

I’ve known @Itachi for YEARS now and can absolutely vouch for his professionalism as well as his ability to be on the cutting edge of IG tactics.

So the idea that he’s found a cost-effective way of growing your IG through ads (among the other services) comes as no surprise. You can’t go wrong working with this guy :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for your kind words man! I have to say that cost-effective growth through Ads however is relative to the pocket size of your client. In Tier-1 Countries you usually stay between 50-20 Cents / Follower, which is good for some clients but too expensive for others.

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But you can only do this with facebook pages right?

How do you mean that?

Seller decided to close the thread.