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send already ^^

Send already ^^

So… What is the cost for 1 IP and how many scraper accounts can I use with it?

Thanks Adi for your feedback, glad to see you here also ^^

Which type of proxies do you want the price for?
depend on which type you want for example IPv6 DC it’s 1 account per proxy
and min order is 50IP for 7.95$

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Hey man, can I have a discount code.
I will be ordering IPv6 DC Pro package.
Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you.

Check your PM ^^

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Can you please send me the discount code?

interested in the trial


Sure, tell me the country you want and will send you the test ^^

Thank you. Do you have a code also for datacentre ipv6?

i send you already the code for the ipv6 dc ^^

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I have about 2,000 proxies with Ahmed from Zproxies and they’ve been working great. The only thing I wish that would change is that the Login’s come up as Signapore instead of USA but I was told this was due to Instagram not updating their database and not the actual proxy location.

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@Paradox Hello, yes now the new datacenter we migrate most of our USA proxies to it, will not have that issue ^^.
we spoke to mixmind, and we did update all locations, but still Instagram showing wrong location =/

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Thank you for the response! I love your proxies btw and if anyone who is looking for proxies, then I highly recommend Zproxies!

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Fully Agree, great iPv6 proxies… Just got myself another 50x US iPv6 proxies for under 10 bucks :exploding_head: Amazing price! Fast and reliable :+1:

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always glad to support and help ^^.

hopefully soon the new service of ipv4 will be ready for order and purchase ^^ to even let more and more services to be compatible with lowest price ^^

could you provide me with an ipv6 trial of rotating proxies? @WoWInsta

As far as I know they do not rotate.

Sure, which location

We do have this option, but need to request it and will do it for sure.

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Thanks @WoWInsta ! USA