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Our IPv6 Panel is instant delivery. { zProxies }.
The Other type of proxies is through our shop here { zProxies Shop } – Soon all these services will be instant delivery through our panel.

  • 3 Days test for IPv6 DC/ IPv6 Residential 1 Day / 4G Mobile 1 Day.
  • Discount codes for members here of 20% (min order 100 IP ) - just ask in below and will send you PM.
  • If you have any questions glad to answer and guide you.
  • Refund only in case we couldn’t make the proxies live in the first 24h, you should ask for test before applying, please read our Terms, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy

Thread approved. Good luck with the sales.

Interested in the trial if you are providing residential static v6.


I am also interested in a trial with residential static v6 proxies!

Thanks in advance


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Done ^^ Check Your DM

Done ^^ Check Your DM

hopefully you like it.

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We Would like to announce that, we are getting the IPv4 Data-center and Pure IPv4 Static Residential Subnets soon ready in our panel, if you have some requirements like for shoes or something please PM me for this.

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Hi ! I would like to test the residential IPV6. Do you have available in Europe?
Also I wanted to buy like 10 DC IPV6 for scrapping but the system does not allow me to insert less than 10$…


Any feedback man?

Can I get a trial as well?

I did not have enough time - but I bought a month of proxies to do more testing.

Currently the IPv6 Residential only on USA, in future we will add in Europe, we still looking up for ISPs that accept to give /32 or /29 IPv6.
For the IPv6 DC - The Min order is 50IP, and the Min adding funds is 10$, i can give you a test for that before you buy for 3 days if you want and see if you want to buy it ^^.

Sure, just tell me the type and you will get it on your PM.

Can I get a trial as well? For Amazon?

Can I get one?

It’s all great and stuff with the only problem being you guys don’t sell less than 50 proxies. I did buy 50 ipv6 from you guys and everything works great. Really good for scrapping but I mean, I don’t need 50 proxies. Maybe provide a plan with less proxies like 20 or so or just make some minimum order value so users can buy different types of proxies and you guys still earn the same amount of money.

great ^^, glad you like them.

we will think about that, as we limit the numbers of orders per server and ports per server, so its little bit hard for us to accept small qty`s because we need to cover the price of each server.

we are not killing the whole subnet, max IPs that being used on server is 2k and min is 50 and max orders from 3 to 7 depends on traffic used on server.

For Amazon, it will be the IPv4

Hi WowInsta!

Could you send me the trial of both the USA ipv6 residential and the DC center? thanks!

Can I get a trial, please ?
I’ll use it for scraping.