Closing clients help! What is the best way to close clients through calls?

Guys how do you close clients after finding leads on calls or through emails or dms?
Is it super important and necessary to close clients on calls
Guys my first language is not English so I am finding it little bit difficult to close clients on calls any suggestions for me?

What is your language?

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if you can’t speak English fluently it’s better to avoid calls.

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Any suggestions for me?
Do everyone close clients through calls?

I am from Asia and I just can’t speak English fluently
Maybe you could give any advice for me? Any other alternative I could possibly follow for closing clients

If you are from Asia you probably speak a language used in Asia. You will have no problem if you try to find your clients there.

I hate calls. If you are trying to sell a service which is not too expensive you can always spam more. Some people will order without call. I think even most of them. Especially if the service is not expensive or has a free trial.

I found out that to make money you first need to develop a service. After that you have to promote that service. Spam spam spam. There are always clients for almost every service you can think of. If you do not get enough clients it only means that you have to spend more time promoting it.

There are always lunatics who buy unnecessary things. You just have to find them.

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Thankyou very much