Clothing Brand Owner

Looking to invest and grow my brand page without messing it up with the use of automation. Im not greedy just looking to gain 300-500 followers a month. Since I’m in the fashion - clothing business the trade off of even one customer or supporter is well within the projected monthly I want.

I know instagram has changed a few things but im hoping to build this up.

Brand page right now is at about 2,800 followers.

Would love rates and reputable marketers who could help.

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There is a lot you can do without automation.
If your products are nice and you have some good content then there is a lot of potential for growth and getting new customers.

i’m doing 2 clothing store on instagram.
my 1 account(10.5k follower atm) growing 1.4k~3k follower per month without automation.
i growing with quality content and IG ads and tagged post by customer.(i only post 1~3 per month)
we can conversation if you want.

if you don’t want to use automation you need to go to the ADS stuff (shout out, paid ads, mentions…etc)

Have you tried Instagram Ads? It might get you the best of both worlds by getting growth and purchases.

I’ll chime in to echo the above. If you don’t want to utilize software to help, but still want the leverage they create, $$$ on ads are your ticket.

I think you should consider automating your engagement (likes, likeing comments, replies, posting) but not going 100% automation.

Also, you can do some outreach to influencers with smaller audiences and either pay them or send them clothes for free to promote your business/account.

that is also a good suggestion to consider :+1:

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