🔥 .co Domains for 1.74 a year with up to 5 year renewal at that rate over at Namesilo right now

Just had to register a few domains over at namesilo.com.

It seems they’re having a special on .co domains (usually 22.60 a year) for 1.74 a year with up to 5 years renewal at that rate.

Which… for lack of a better term…for .co domains… IS CRAZY!


(I didn’t take that one if you’ve had your heart set on it…it’s yours)

They are much more legit than say .store,.xyz, etc…

Use these all the time for niche ecom domains and one product stores as well as other various nefarious things. :wink:

Just saw this and thought I’d drop it here as I scarfed up about 50 of the real good ones.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And probably gonna get a sackful more.

:alarm_clock: Don’t know how long this will last or if they even announced it so if it’s not there if you catch this late…you be assed out.

Get it gang.


UPDATE: It appears that the 5 year renewal was an error and if you got in while it was active then you are a winnah! It’s now only available for one year which is still awesome. Lol, looks like someones ass at Namesilo central probably got chewed out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Was just looking for this since I’m starting a new project.
Thank you mate!

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Nice one, thanks.

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Thanks, bro, very cheap one. Good for making landing page or creating domain mails.

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Damn, that’s a steal! Thanks for the tip. Will definitely register a couple of domains!

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thanks for info! I have personally purchased 5 domains :heart_eyes:

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Thanks! I never saw domain names that cheap. Time to register some quickly.

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Wonder if it works for transfers… have a .co already, would be awesome to get some savings :thinking:

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Awesome, snagged a few :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:
Thanks for the heads up!

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Don’t need but buying one domain since it’s so cheap ahah thanks !

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Man I wish I saw this a week ago, thanks for sharing :+1:

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Awesome. Thank for the share. Going to grab a few .co domains.

just wow! Haven’t seen it this cheap anywhere. Good job! Will definitely use it!