Code error with instagram when logging in

i have searchd on here and found loads of people having the same issue but no solution,
So when i log into an account this message comes up

Enter Your Security Code

Enter the 6-digit code we sent to the email address 3****

But the when entering the correct code, It comes up with “Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again.”

I have now tried multiple proxys, web browsers and even mobile devices

same happened with one of my account i tried a whole lot of things at the end i left it and after 2 weeks i just randomly tried to open with my usual phone with home ip i got in🤩

Was you sending the code to email or phone ?

you have to stop trying for a few days and give the account some rest then try again from 2-3 different IPs and devices and you should be able to login correctly.

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Do you find once the code has been fixed it goes for a long period of time or comes back ?

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question can you explain more.

I’ll dm you sorry