Coders or experts GTFIH (html5/Java)

I want to copy a site that I believe is using Java/html5

I don’t want to copy the whole thing because I assume it would be time consuming . I just want few of the features for personal use.

Anyways long story short is it possible to copy a sites with html5/java or are things encrypted?

Java is a compiled language and everything will be on the server side, so it’s impossible.

What you wanted to write (I think) was “javascript”, and this is a different story.
If you can see the data that interests you, you can also save it, even browsers have these options. If you need some kind of automation, I suggest looking for an extension to the browser.


Thank you!

its time for me to hire someone at upwork.

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yap you need too hire someone or just ask to the webmaster.

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I did it. I got lots of projects done but im just concerned.

They developed the project but they keep the files on their own hosting. This bothers me because I would prefer to own the files myself?

I paid thousands for many projects now. Do they keep the files for security purposes? I really don’t want them stealing money from me (ex. someone buys on my site and they swap out the paypals or something like that)

Anyone with experience let me know thanks!

Transfer it to your own hosting then and just pay for support when you need it?


I know much about this, but I won’t ever explain anyone how to steal others work. This post should be removed.

I don’t feel it belongs to this community

@SwagWaffle please do a favor to yourself and use your mind to create something and not to steal if from somebody else.

Sorry community he touched my thing, I spent many years and effort studying to listen how somebody is asking how to steal the work of other colleague.

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I was also getting some shady vibes myself, i hope that it is genuine though

Lol this stuff is used by many ppl it’s not an original Idea

Multiple companies with the same ideas these days I just want to be covered on my end

That seems like the best way tbh

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