Cold emailing potential clients for instagram growth service. Who to target?

Hello guys! Maybe someone of you could help me to brainstorm what potential niches I should target with cold emailing if i want to gain clients for instagram growth service? Right now i’m targeting one niche which gives some results, but not that much, so maybe you could tell me some ideas what could be the niches that would work or at least where to look for them? Thank you!

People want proof that your service works before signing up. If you don’t already have a large Instagram you have grown yourself, it will be very hard to convince clients to sign up. That being said, you should target clients in the niche you grew your Instagram in.

Not completely true. That way you are competing against yourself if you are trying to dominate a local niche.

@Ins I would target fitness, that’s what a lot of people are doing

I don’t think having a specific niche matter because there are millions of users from hundreds of niches that want to grow there accounts, that been said you can target different sellers, shop owners that have products to sell they will be much more interested in IG growth make sure to have a good setup that you can show the potential clients.

I mean something like you create a Home theme page, then target Realtors.

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