Combining IPv4 + Mobile Proxy

Hi guys,
What do you think if you assign all your child accounts with IPv4 and all your scapers with Mobile proxies?
From what I think, your child accounts is gonna use Mobile Proxies to do action right?
IPv4 proxies that assigned is gonna keep the child accounts online only.

So in theory, these child accounts is somehow using Mobile Proxies to do all the work.

Am I right or wrong LOL not sure… anyone can give some insight?

even when using scrapers to do the API calls the main account still needs to do some of the necessary API calls so I woudn’t recommend doing that, what you can do instead is have them both work with 4g proxies that way you will keep your scrapers longer.

No, your child accounts will use IPv4 proxies when they execute actions. Why do you think they will somehow use mobile proxies which were assigned to your scrapers? sorry if misunderstood your post. I’m not sure what you mean by keeping the child accounts online only. :slight_smile:

They will use the IPv4 Proxies. Basically a scraper is an account that works via an API to scrape for accounts that meet your filters for follows, unfollows, DMs, likes and so on. If your accounts are connected to ipv4, they will follow through ipv4.
However, I do recommend 4g proxies, this will save some money on accounts, at least I saved some working with my 4g proxies than in past using residential ones.

Thank you all for your reply … I ask this question is because when you do not have any child account in API mode and only in EB mode, these child accounts cannot operate. For example… a child account is already fed with 100x specific user to follow… without a scraper(API mode) you would get error code 100 because all the other accounts were in EB…
So my theory is all these EB mode child accounts is using scraper API mode to scrape and do actions too. So if scraper is using a mobile proxies, theorically the EB mode child accounts would use mobile proxies to do actions rather than the child proxy (IPv4 in this case) itself…