Comment block using FB Business Suite

Has anyone ever got a comment block replying to tens or hundreds of comments on their own posts in one go using FB Business Suite?

Just taking precautions before replying to the comments on my latest posts :sweat_smile:

I never expericenced that, but also, I never tested hundreds maybe 30 to 50 comments in one go and there is no issue doing that , i would say do the same, test with 50 comments and see how it goes then you can increase later.

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Cheers man :+1: I tested it with my phone and it all went well. Next time, I’ll try creator studio and report back!

What would be the difference tho

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Since you used FB Business Suite, that means you made those comments manually, is that right?

Such fast hands, bro!

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Haha :grin: Yeah, I either do it on my phone or FB Business Suite by hand - my main account is pretty important so it has to be done the old fashioned way to stay safe!

I’ve had some problems in the past doing things manually in the desktop browser - I like to play it safe.

Are you asking about the difference between FB Business Suite and Creator Studio? If yes, maybe this could help >> Facebook Business Suite vs. Creator Studio: Which is Right for You?