Comment fast to get featured

Hi, is there an option for a fast comment? or anybody has a tipp to comment very fast on a fresh 1min publish photo? Is for a change to get featured :wink:


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Do you want to comment on your post after posting it? Or you want to comment on other accounts posts as soon as they post?

well luck i quess, never heard about a software doing this
mabye you could digg around your targeted account stats and pretty much
learn when they publishing their posts

If you turn on post notifications for the accounts you are interested in, you should be able to comment rather quickly whenever they post.
Iā€™m guessing you want something automated though :slight_smile:

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thx for your wisdom :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

No need to be snarky.

snarky? what is this

Google helps. Hint; It is not a compliment.

what i was thanking her and she telling bad stuff about me? phuck that shit

The only way I know of is by turning on post notifications on that user. There might be an automated way of doing it through software but I have not found that method yet.

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you may look for engagement groups, people that collaborate to each other commenting or liking to rank of search engines