Comment Mentions by hashtag?

has anyone noticed such comments lately when they post a new picture?

From what i understand it works like this, main question is where do i buy this service? i cant find it on any smm panel.

for example

system will pick random newly posted photos with the hashtag #pet and send comments from random accounts promoting one specific username

custom comments:
wow dm it to @username
great picture send it to @username
blah blah dm it to @username

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You can do that using Jarvee via the Comment tool, and comment on posts under a specific hashtag(s).

does anyone sell this service in smm panels?

Looking for that as well!

Here is the tutorial for the mentioned tool:

The Instagram Comment Tool - Jarvee.

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thanks for promoting Jarvee, @Jaha!

You can achieve that using Jarvee, with the tool mentioned by Jaha. Use the Hashtag search source to look for posts with a particular hashtag then you can configure the comment to mention a specific user.

Smm24h has a couple # and @