Comment on new posts

is there a way to comment the moment some account post a new post so you will be the first?

Get Jarvee, add your account you want to post the comment with.

Put the comment tool settings to run 12 am - 11:59 pm. Wait time between operations should be 1 minute - 1 minute (this way its constantly checking every minute). Post between 1-1 comments per operation.

Then in the filters set it to comment only on posts 1 day old max, so it doesnt go spam commenting old posts.

You can refine it a little more, but that should do it.

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There are script for that,I have one but I don’t know how efficient it is after the recent update because I never tried it recently.

and you can use this option on Jarvee as well


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I use Jarvee for this and it does a great job. It will not comment immediately after some user posted, but you can set the tool to run more often and check for the new posts often, like @BHVen recommended you.