Comment/Reply to Tweets, what to post?

I think this is a great feature to increase engagement and build a following.

However, I am completely brain dead with what to post. Since we’re targeting based on keywords, the context of a tweet can be quite broad so my concern is I begin replying things which just no sense or are obviously automated.

I’ve considered using emojis (but is it possible to set these in MP?) since they are also broad an open to interpretation, but definitely doesn’t feel like the best choice of post.

Do any of you have any advise here?

Subbed. I read your other post and am having all the same issues.

I was always hesitant with any type of auto comment since you can look so spammy if your post makes no sense. Since many people overuse hashtags, you can be commenting “Great!!” to someone who had a death in the family:cold_sweat:

Yes, you can spintax emojis. Go to emojipedia & find the most generic emojis you can find. :v:️️ for example…

I struggled with this, myself. I did use emojis for a while because I didn’t want to risk congratulating the guy who’s wife just died, as @factoverfallacy mentioned! I don’t do it anymore. There are only so many emojis you can use & the risk / reward just isn’t there for me.

As a follow up…

What you could try doing is using a few socks to do the dirty work.

Have them reply something like this:

@whoever-youre-replying-to @your-username loving the tweets! blah blah blah


loving the tweets! @whoever-youre-replying-to @your-username blah blah blah

That adds a layer of insulation between you & the mark(s) since you could always say you have no idea who this guy is that’s mentioning you, or why they’re mentioning you.

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Haha, interesting idea… definitely worth a though.

btw, wanted to ask you, why do you call them “socks” is it derived from something? , i’ve seen them called throwaway, I call them slaves, but first time I hear about socks :slight_smile:

Just a throwback to Usenet days. Sock puppets:

In Usenet parlance, a pseudo through which the puppeteer posts follow-ups to their own original message to give the appearance that a number of people support the views held in the original message


Haha good to know :smiley:

It will be really awesome to have comments on tweet because is good traffic there.
I really hope that someone will do that for the upcoming updates


All feature requests should be made here and not as a reply in another topic as no one will see them there :slight_smile: . Also make sure it’s not asked already, in which case you can just post in that topic, no need to create another.

Here is a stupid question,but when i retweet it doesnt show up on my feed.I need to retweet+add a comment to my retweet.How do i just retweet without adding anything?

I would recommend NOT comment /reply to Tweets. Use MP to “favorite” posts and do a follow cycle of 45 days then unfollow. Twitter does not like “churning”. Favorites are basic. Even they have trouble discerning. Retweet? be careful. Comment? NO thank you!

Twitter is a tough cookie, even with automation (ironic, seeing as how Automation made Twitter what it is, and how hard it is to get traction on without these days… :sweat_smile:

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