Commenting 700k tagging people

Hey, I know you have seen this IG that is tagging people in it’s comments, what tool to use, to tag so many people?

Try to use the search function next time, please!


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Yes, but there is no example of the tool in that topic, so it’s a different one. Read carefully the topic you sent

Jarvee is one of the most used tools around here and it can literally tag people in the comments if you give him a list of users.

@Vlaa The thread that @bakedcookie posted talks about people using Jarvee to do precisely what you are asking. The problem is not what software can do this. The problem is that people are getting accounts banned when they tried. If you read the thread you will see that it was mentioned that this account is a verified account (blue check mark). These accounts get away with so much more than regular accounts. So you need to ask yourself what account can accomplish this task, not what software. Jarvee can do this, and so can other bots. But the quality of the account is what’s gonna determine whether you get away with it.


Thank you, appreciate it!

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@Vlaa No prob.

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