Comments growing fast

Hello guys,
I see many people that went from having just a few comments to have like 600 comments on each photo. How could this be possible? I know about comments pod but do you think you can reach so many comments using pods?

Better hashtags generally create more comments. They could just be landing on the explore page but I don’t know specifically what accounts you are referring to.

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Also possible using an engagement group

I exclude hashtags because the accounts i’M talking about they don’t use them.
If I’m not wrong with comments pods you usually receive like 5/10 comments each group, that means you should join 50 to 100 groups to receive 500 comments which is quite impossible. I’m thinking that maybe that could be something similar to “like exchange” but for comments, do you know if there’s something like that?

I am in pod with over 2,000 people(I am not active), it’s actually crazy to see the amount of time people spend exchanging likes and comments DAILY. So depending on the type of account and the content they share, they might be using a pod for 75% of the comments you see.

People are crazy wtf :joy: