Community guideline violation what next

I had a video taken down for community guideline violation, does this affect my views or no? Ever since the violation my views dipped but didint stop. Just reduced.

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Ive had two taken down for reasons im still unsure of, neither affected my other videos reach at all :slight_smile:


Could just be coincidence. So many factors to consider

Okok I just don’t wanna be shadowbanned haha.l, also does anyone notice you get more views if you are inside the app ?

Though it was just me. I left my app open and went from 17k views to 31k on a video within a few hours. Once I closed the app and reopened in the morning, they were 32k.

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Glad to know I’m not the only one, how did u leave ur app open?

I’m using an iPhone. Auto-lock is set to Never.

But did u leave it on ur profile or something?

Yeah. That should work.