Complete Jarvee Newbie.. Stuck on verification?

Hey! As the title suggests, I’m trying to connect my accounts to Jarvee and it always get stuck on validation? I receive no code on my email, and there is no field to input the code anyways. It’s just stuck on “validating”.

This depends on the verification that you are asked to complete. What status do you have for the account in social profiles section?

The status is “Initializing”.

Entered my credentials , clicked on verify and it’s just stuck there, with a green button glowing. It says Initializing - Awaiting for Verification. Just that. I didn’t receive any email or phone code, but even if I did there is no field to enter the code I think

Do you use your accounts on the same IP address? Have you tried using a different proxy on those accounts?

You will see options to do email verification only if the account has Email Confirmation status.

since your account is stuck at initializing, you should check your proxy (if you use one), make sure the proxy has valid status in proxy manager tab. if you don’t use a proxy, click Browse and log in to the account on the embedded browser, see if you can do that.

Yes, try the solution that Ossi offered and let us know how it goes. We are all really ready to help :smiley:

Check if you are logged in through embedded browser or attempt to.

If you can successfully login then you can either log out and try verify again with jarvee (sometimes works)

  • click don’t log in with embedded browser on the profile settings

or you can set as valid yourself- This is what I usually do and it works if you can log in via EB