💥 Complete List of Facebook Methods To Grow Your Business And Engagement


You can invite people to like your page that have liked posts on your page that have not liked your page.

Click on there name where they have liked the post next to there name it says invite to page (or something along those lines.


Hey Johnny, thanks for sharing the great tips.

Is it ok to invite friends from multiple FB accounts to one FB page?
I added multiple accounts as administrator of my main page and started inviting friends from each acc and the accounts got banned almost at the same time… (they were all on different private proxies from highproxies)
Since there can be many reasons for bans, I’d like some clarification before trying again…

also wondering if you prefer buying aged accounts(which haven’t been used since they’ve been created) or warming up fresh accounts?

In terms if monetization, do you think FB works better? I read some articles that FB and maybe twitter users are more likely to buy and IG users are mostly using IG casually for fun.

In my short experience, preventing bans on FB seems really hard and converting on IG seems difficult in iphonegiveaway, pet and work from home niche I’ve been trying and the average EPC is pretty low, barely covers proxy costs so far…

I guess things would improve as the accounts get bigger but I’d love to hear your advice…


You can do that, but not with all accounts at the same time because that leaves a trace and you will get accounts limited.

Aged accounts are a little better, but you still have to take it easy with them at first. It also depends on the price and your funds, if you can’t afford them you can go with fresh accounts but they will require a longer and slower easing into.

As for what works, they all work, you just need to find the method that works for you. I wouldn’t start with twitter as it seems to be dying… might be wrong though, but fb and ig are working nicely still. Read the forum and you’ll find some nice methods for each of them.


it should say:
Groups can be secret ( you won’t be able to find them unless you know the exact URL ) or closed ( you won’t be able to read anything that’s posted there unless you’re a member)


Your right of course, thanks for picking that up. I must have been daydreaming when I wrote it :slight_smile: Updated it to be correct.


Articolo molto interessante per imparare a usare facebook per il mio business

En google translated version : Very interesting article to learn how to use Facebook for my business

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I have trouble believing you’ll ever find 2,500 groups in one niche, at least, not with a sizable number of members. Even in very popular ones, I’ve not found more than 100 using the group finder.


Hi, all!
Is it safe to post the same fb page link in varios groups through different accounts ?


This is one of the best topics I’ve read on how to grow facebook so far. Thank you for sharing :)!


Yes, if you do it smart and add long delay between every post on each account.

Also, those accounts should do other actions too, not just sharing to groups.


Hey, Adnan. Is there a similar option in Instagram section of Massplanner? To update the avatar/username/bio? Or is done by using the embedded browser?


Yes, you can go to Social profiles, click on your IG account, then go to Edit profile tab. You can edit all your details there.


Hey does IG and twitter work for you


There are, but Fb doesn’t give them to you on a silver platter, there are many local groups or groups that are not using the correct keywords, you have to dig a little to find them.


I am a bit confused about this. Do you mean that if you have a page (say named X), then that page(page X) can comment, like, and post on other pages to increase activities to its page?


Yes, you can comment and like posts and comments on posts if other FB page as your page. This increases your page visibility therefore, you get a higher chance of getting more likes to your page.


groups are more targeted ! how can i post without getting blocked by facebook for spam ?

  • post on related groups
  • post high quality content
  • post unique content on each group
  • post like a human would, don’t post hundreds of posts one after the other
  • depending on your account take it easy, grow over time.
  • read the forum, there are many topics that can help with this…


thank you so much , I will .


whats an MD5 Hash i looked it up online but i didt understand lol =(