💥 Complete List of Facebook Methods To Grow Your Business And Engagement


Md5 mass planner has this feature included in the software you just have to select it. So no need to worry about the Md5


I am a complete Facebook noob and I learned a lot on this post. Thank you!

I just got started on FB marketing and there are a lot of things I only knew from reading this.


Thank you for this awesome post, I wish I had more time to read every single thing on MP social, just like blakhatworld this stuff is more practical and realistic than the politically correct crap they feed you on £1000 courses. Tried most of that stuff and haven’t made a dime


Thank you Johnny I found a lot of golden nuggets in this thread


really interesting. Learned a lot. Gonna implement some of these. Appreciate it :slight_smile:!


@dandanflood you would need to @ mention him for him to see it even though he is active most of the time and tends to read everything. I would be very careful with FB as they have been axing people left and right.


Fb changes things very fast and lately they have been lowering the limits a lot. Honestly I haven’t done this action in some time so I can’t give you an exact number but I am pretty sure you won’t be able to get close to contacting them all like before. Start with 30-40 per day and grow it slowly until you reach a number you’re comfortable with.


Great post , it helped me solve some parts of the comfusions i had for sure.On the other hand , some precious information are not answered , and they are important for reaching more people.For example :

a)I make a post at my wall , this profile has it’s joined groups and friends , then i share the post , will that post go to all my friends and joined groups ?

b)I do same with a page , that has joined groups , will the post i shared go to all those groups the page joined ?

Note : with massplanner , does the profile or the page join groups ?If it does only the profile , (ok i sound dumm i know) , is there an option my page of a profile to join groups ?

c)I post 1 post at the wall from 1 profile, and i direct more accounts i have , that have joined groups , to share this 1 post from the wall- will this post be shared to all the groups of all the accounts sharing the certain post ?

d)I post 1post at my page , and i direct more accounts i have , that have joined groups , to share this post from the page - will this post be shared to all the groups of all the accounts sharing the certain post ?

If this tactic works , then posting on groups seems so less powerless

thanx !


Starting a new Dacebook project and this comprehensive list of growth techniques is much helpful. Thanks for sharing! S:+1:


Great tips in here, thanks @Johnny :smiley:


Great Topic :sunglasses:


I’m curious about the footprint of the bumping. Is that something we should avoid talking about here? If so, I understand.



Wow! just wow! Excellent post @Johnny. Very clarifying. I have been researching about mass group posting as I recently discovered some referral sites sending huge amount of traffic using doorway pages and after a while I saw they were using this kind of tactics.


am afraid to ask but for an aged account how many groups can you post before getting in jail nowadays?


You can start slowly with 15 groups per day and increase each day, until you come to 20-25 per day.

But don’t go over that limit in order to stay safe. If you need to post more, get more accounts.


really??? I was doing 10!!! per account not knowing no wait in one I dared to go up to 12, no wonder!!! Thank you so much!!! I really apreciate your input, truly do!!! thanks!!! its time to so some incresing!!! lol agan thank you, I was playing it beyond safe, TYSM!!!


sladjana since you have been so kind could I ask you a couple of things more? cause am having trouble with jail time lately, not sure why… 1 question how many post per campaing can you do with those groups to be on the safe level? is there a specific time interval per post? and what are your settings for the bumps? am asking cause this weekend got a 3 restricted and didn’t touch a thing and they where working fine untill friday, this last friday the 7, sorry maybe they where more than a couple but I just publish my services and would like to nail that to stay safe, I have tried many methods on the everything there is to know about fb but most failed unless some one gave me a straight answer thats why I admit ask as a noob still after all this time with MP :frowning:, in any event thank you so much for the previous answer and don’t feel obligated to answer thank you anyways, sincerely Fabio


Facebook is really strict now.

Few years ago spamming on group was easy and no fear of accounts banning.
Now it’s happened everytime.


That is completely true, people should do more marketing and less random spamming as it will work a lot better :slight_smile:


@fab hows posting going for you lately? Are you still getting temporary blocks? If yes, you need to check your posts and use more variations of spintext.