Completely deleting Google from Android?

Has anyone of you managed to completely delete Google from a rooted phone? This would make deleting footprints a lot easier while creating accounts.


Yup, install a custom rom without gapps. If you steel need gplay services use MicroG.
Your Phone has to have an unlocked bootloader in order to flash a custom rom though

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Interesting, thanks! Where can I find custom roms like these?

Completely depends on which phone you have.
Every phone has different rootin/flashing process and internals.
Huawei phones are relatively hard to find custom roms for, because they have their own processors.
In general just google for “Your Phone Custom Rom” and you will most likely find a link to xda-forums they have all the info you need.

I see, thanks for the tip. I’ll do that :slight_smile:

I create accounts with a phone that has android v4/5 ( old ) . i think its better because u can actually skip/bypass google account creation in order to start up the phone…