Concerning repost tool

we know that ig erase metadata when users post anything , so i wanna know if changing randomly exif data (geolocation,date,slghlty different luminosity…) is done even without needing to know the original data , otherwise if they erase it and even them can’t see original , there will be no need to change exif data , md5 hash… right ?

If you are reposting then make sure your metadata is changed and for ig there is already a web based tool for this,check out ‘Voorke’

yeah i know this already wasn’t question , my question was since they remove metadata , we do all this changes just for them privately sce they can detect duplicate so we dont take any risk cuz at the end the ‘metadata that is erased’ is just for the public but privately they know everything about all pics

People have been using it and there is always a risk what Instagram knows and what it doesn’t but this process atleast ensures what we already know so you can work out with this unless and until there is some serious issue that Instagram does.

yeah ofc its there is no debate about shuld we do it or not we need to always modify md5 hash , exif data … even if there is no information about the original one (since they remove it) but we need to always do everything looking new about that picture and unique

because some can thik since they erase it then its a no prolem if they let it like tat without chnging but in reality they just hde original pic data to us , but privately they know everyhtng about it so if you dont change they gonna know its 100% same one with 0 change wich then can affect reach…

Yes exactly,do whatyou are doing without worries unless there is a big update from Instagram.

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You always want to change the exif data and md5 hash because you never know

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yeah true even if there is no data on the repost we better create our own one to make it ‘unique’ + tests of many users showed that changing just for example gps location (EXIF) , to the country where your audience is at , can make ig algorithm show your post better to those users , so like you said we never know just do rght thngs and can be all good