Configure Jarvee for NO PROXY?

I’m new, so again, please forgive me if i’m missing something obvious. Along side my automated accounts, I figured i’d start up some f/u on my personal account. Since it’s sourced from my home, no proxy needed.

i add the account to jarvee, but with no proxy settings, and it won’t validate the account at all. Is a proxy REQUIRED for all social profiles?!

for the life of me i can’t figure out why jarvee cannot validate the account (works fine on my phones)

Which error are you getting?

Please check in your proxy manager if you have “do not allow accounts to run without a proxy” checked.


Proxies are not required, but as @ido mentioned, there is an option that blocks IG accounts from running without proxy. Perhaps that’s where the problem lies

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that was totally it! thank you! no idea how i overlooked that for a couple hours lol

but does that mean if a proxy dies, my other accounts will fail over to running without them?

No, an account will run without proxy only when it is not assign to one. If an account is assigned to a proxy that is having an error, no actions will be executed.

I would only worry about it when moving account between proxies and having them accedentialy running actions on my main IP at the moment of change.

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excellent, which is also a note for the future, stop account fully before switching proxy

Or just check this setting and than uncheck it :wink:

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if you have only 1 account you could don’t use the proxy.