Confirm Your Account to Request a Review Go to Instagram and confirm it's you before requesting a review

Hello everyone , I have this problem I G disable my acc.
Now I write believe my acc was deactivated by mistake.
use this link

I fill all form they ask me and than I press send

But there is some error or bug

They write

Confirm Your Account to Request a Review
Go to Instagram and confirm it’s you before requesting a review.

I will attach screenshot

How to by pass that ?

:fire: :fire: :fire: I will GIVE AWAY 4g mobile proxy for one month to person who help me :fire: :fire: :fire:

Sometimes it works for me to switch the first the first letter from small letter to big letter (or what it’s called) from to for example

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Simply use another email (not associated with a IG/FB account), it works for us and our customers :slight_smile:

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Let us know if this solution worked that @schoko recommended :slight_smile: so that other with the same issue can take the advice :slight_smile:

I’ve tried the above suggestions.
Any other solutions to try?

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There are different support “/help/” links you can try. What issue are you facing?

(also this thread is 2 years old).

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I have the same exact problem as OP.

I can’t get through to confirm my account - because it is already disabled.

Not sure how else to recover the disabled account besides going through the various forms (which can’t be submitted because of the same problem as OP).

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It can be done through various legal sources but you should know about it. Just let me know if you wanna learn more about it.

I would try this service Recap Services | Recover Disabled Instagram Accounts
It´s from @HenryCooper so basically is legit and safe. This service keeps sending appeals i don´t know how they do it but i used to unban a couple of accounts of mine.

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What’s problem with your account?