Confused about 4g dongle

if I connect my 4g dongle, to my pc and I have jarvee running on that pc. and I have for e.g 15 accounts runnning. would it be possible to run 5 accounts on my wifi and 10 trough dongle. or do all the accounts have to run trough either wifi or dongle because only one internet connection can be on right?

Yes, only one network connection your computer will use, either wifi or your 4g dongle.

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so I would need a seperate pc or laptop to run trough dongle?

Make a proxy out of your 4g dongle connection

how do I do that?

Creating 4G proxy is very difficult task, I’ve tried it in past but there is no luck…I’ve wasted too much time…better to do our job and let network technician do their own. Most of network carrier which gives us good mobile IP have NAT policy.

I think that is really good advice.

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