😕 I wonder, why is Twitter the more preferred platform of famous people in the planet? 😕

Yesterday, on our way to the airport, I noticed something. It must have been like that all this time but it’s just now that it piqued my interest. My son, a pre-teen, was on his tablet browsing through Instagram and my husband is glancing on his phone for Twitter updates from time to time, he was the designated driver that day, lucky me :wink: And of course, I was on Facebook, reading shared articles and so on.

Time to snoop around :spy:. First, I asked my son why he prefers Instagram more than others, he said ‘it’s because you’re on Facebook mom’, a reply that almost earned himself a month of ‘no tech access’, but his cheeky smile made me keep my cool plus I was in a happy mood, so he’s only grounded for the rest of the week :innocent:

Moving on to my next target, the gentle giant that I absolutely love to pester, my husband. You see, my hubby is very much into social networks too. In fact, among us, he is the one actively taking snapshots (of almost anything and everything) and uploads it to Instagram and Facebook. Aside from that, he also frequents Twitter.

Him knowing what I’m about to ask, he readily gave his answer, I am on Twitter because I enjoy reading genius comebacks of so and so, I find it entertaining and it’s nice seeing more of the human side of celebrities, politicians, chefs (yup, the big guy loves to cook, so I blame him for my mommyfats) and other prominent public figures.

Now, as I check my Facebook, I see a couple of A listers but the engagement on their page is not as lively and entertaining as that of the ones in Twitter. This got me wondering, why is it that despite the fact that Facebook is the top social network, they prefer to be more active on Twitter? I mean, there are more users on Facebook as compared to Twitter, so if it’s ‘reach’ that they are after, then they should invest more on trending or going viral on Facebook, is it not?

I guess, maybe they chose Twitter because
– Twitter is more accessible than Facebook. I mean, it’s easier to create an account in Twitter.
– It loads faster than Facebook, at least that’s what I noticed on my smartphone.
– You only need a couple of witty remarks, without feeling incomplete if you did not have an image to it, just type and go kind of thing.
– The connection you establish is not as real as the one you get when you follow their Twitter accounts. While you can like and follow famous peeps Facebook Pages, it’s no secret that they got people in their payroll to manage the page. Twitter feels more human or personal as my hubby puts it.

Another thing I noticed is that Twitter is more vigilant when it comes to cyber bullying, and this allows celebs to be more at ease.

I maybe mistaken with my assumptions, but it all boils down to whatever floats your boat, right? How about you? I know all of you do marketing on social networks, so it does not matter which one you use as long as it generates an income. But on a personal level, which social network do you prefer and why?


Probably depends on the personality, I’m sure Justin Bieber was more active on Instagram than Twitter, though maybe not the case now.

It’s been around longer, so that helps, but it’s also more about conversation and so the person using it doesn’t have to post anything beyond a few pointless characters. Instagram requires something more, creativity or at least a visually appealing thing of any kind, and not every personality has the energy to do that. Artists seem to Instagram, while personalities, comedians, people with certain lifestyles prefer Twitter.

Text is easy, just look at President Trump. I doubt he’d be able to fill his Instagram account with beautiful wall photos to the same effect as his crazy rants on Twitter.


really a month just because a brilliant answer if he was my son i would rewarded him

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Pretty good insight. I agree with you on this 100%. I do prefer Facebook and keep my closest friend’s there. On twitter, I use it to stalk famous people :smiley: . On Instagram, I use it to show other people that I’m living an awesome life which is a complete opposite. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I see that you have a very sneaky son. Good luck when he gets a little older. :laughing:

Ironic as I thought Trump is all about building beautiful walls. :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction:


Yup, he is a brilliant lad :slight_smile:

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He got you, Can I send him a gift for this kind of answer? :joy::joy::joy:

Right, me too :smiley:

Facebook is my favorite as I have all my friends there. And yep that’s the only reason.

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