Confused.. page or direct landing pages... ;/

im getting confused af… with direct links is way more profitible but i’m getting Kicked out / banned from fb groups more ofen and when building page i mean it’s like a long way 2 go and i don’t know if it’s even worth it.

What in your oppinion the best strategy ?

Like going with cpa + landing links or page ? Is it going with trial or sale products with landing and page ?

With good landing page, you’ll have same or maybe even better conversion than with direct linking. It depends how you present your offer to visitors.

I would always use LP, even if the conversion rate is lower, you’ll benefit in long term. Less blocks, less banned accounts, less headache.

Nah , i allways create landings , in other case i dont know i bet my accs would get banned in seconds , i mean is it better to create a facebook page on top of that and share it on groups as a page post or just go for landing pages directly ? would just be intresting to hear out an oppinion

Not just banned, most of CPA links are blocked on FB so you couldn’t post them at all.

Sharing post is considered safer than posting links directly, but whatever you decide to use, you’ll have to watch out how many posts you’re publishing per day.