Confused which method to apply

I have a 50k page. Business page. Small home business.
Post count 6212.
Average likes 500+
Comments 15+
Age 6 years
I have been posting everyday twice for last 6 years and now its 50k. Engagement score is 1.15% It has been growing on average 600 followers monthly. No method applied. Everything organic. Though only 60% followers are genuine rests are fake followers. For 1 week I have started using follow/unfollow method to grow. But I am not sure if it will cause any issue to my IG or not. My goal is to gain 2k followers monthly. What should I do ? What method should I apply?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Work on your engagement rate and get rid of some of the fake followers would be a good first step…

How can I remove the fake followers and I have never bought these fake followers? Should I remove the low performing posts?

One way to grow the account is with using good hashtags. You can ask @MojoJojo He has an excellent reputation for his service here in the forum.
Removing fake followers: You need scripts to download all your followers and for everyone who gave you likes. Sorting out the “fakes” are the ones not giving you likes, not posting for more than 2-3 months, not having a profile pic and so on.
Once you have identified the fake ones you can unfollow 500-1000 fakes per day. Could mean a bit pain for you since some of them might unfollow you too. But a reward is that your engagement will rise and thus the hashtags will also better work.


I just wonder. Isn’t that the goal with sorting out ghost followers? Getting rid of bad followers. And as you cant unfriend you ban unban?

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Yes it is the goal. Was a bit unspecific tho… What I mean is that blocking/unfollowing people might decrease your follower rate much more than you can gain new followers (for a certain period). For some this is pain for others it is just normal.

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Are stopping all other actions on that account while you clean up?

Usually I don’t do follow and unfollow the same day. But still using likes and partially comments tho.

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thank you for the info…It’s interesting to know that you can unfriend 500-1000 per day(ofc depends on proxy, creation, age,…). was always a little bit afraid to go high in numbers cause i thought it maybe counts as 2 activitis. so unfriend 1000 is ban 1000 and unban 1000.

It is less a proxy issue than an account trust score issue. Unfollow is not as restricted as follows. Just warm up the account, meaning start from zero and increase 20, 30, 50 or whatever works for you per day. Just don’t do 1000 all of the sudden. Also might be useful to give the account a few days rest in between when you have not done such an action before. Behave more human like and first get your hands trained to push the block button fast enough to reach 1000 one day (you get what I mean…).