Connect to proxy with mobile device

Hello mp community. Is there anyway I can connect to my proxy with mobile device and check my accounts safely with FB messenger?

Mobile devices have an IMEI. Unique code that identifies your device.
If Instagram check this (and I’m sure they do), they will see a single device connected on many accounts.

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If you have a jailbroken/rooted device, you can spoof ID easily.
There are some proxy manager out there, you can give a shot at them.
Let us know your results.

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The guy is talking about FB as I could notice from his post…

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Check this, it might be helpful


Does using a proxy in the way suggested in the link provided by @Adnan on Android mean that this proxy IP will also be used with the apps, (such as the Instagram app)?

I’m thinking that a spoofed device ID, (as suggested by @abbecain), on a reset device with a fresh installation of the Instagram app would look really good to IG.

The idea would only be to use this when logging into and doing PVs for the most valuable accounts,0 to minimize the risk of losing them.

My worry though is that the proxy will only apply to the browser but not to the apps?

Anyone know if this is the case?

Your phone will be presenting the IP of the proxy.

You would need to know the original device ID. And yes, if you could do all of that it would the best to IG, however, whats the next best? AN UPGRADE! They will have no idea if you dropped your old phone in the loo or if you traded up or whatever.

So you can connect the “device” to the proxy IP (which is what I do) so when it PV’s, it’s the same IP. Two people, on two devices, same account). Prior to MP, this is how I used to brute grow my old accounts. It’s best to stop the tools on MP (of course), when you are doing PV , or “disabling” the account temporarily.


I was just wondering today how far does IG reach for the UDID of the device…

If you check out this article, it will explain a but more of how it all works. As for the former question, it could also just appear as though you inserted a new SIM into your dual sim device.

So for those of you that buy IG’s from other countries… this is how it might appear to IG.

Say you bought an account created on MeMu or bluestacks, or better, a real account created on an android…

IG might think it’s just another android device, you just hopped off the plane in a new country where the new SIM and IP are located. Say the account was grown in Thailand, sold to a guy in New York. This is how it would look to them (given enough rest time on action on the account).

It could look like you just popped in a new SIM for traveling. Or you bought a new phone. Either way this would be “clean”. Your typical PV for safety.


i try thhis methode and it work very well with browser
just a probleme that i can’t solvve is all my proxys need user and password
in the browser he ask me to enter the user and pass
but in instagram app just i see no connection and i can’t solve this
can you hhelp me please

Use IP authentication for proxies instead of username and password?

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sorry but i d’ont understund you
my proxy provider send to me
so in the wifi setting i set up ip with port as proxy
and after te device need to enter user and pass to acces to connection

@adelkaram most proxy providers will allow you to “whitelist” a number of IP addresses and this means that when you try to access your proxy from any of those IPs (such as your home IP, a VPS or something like that), no user/password is required. Give it a try. :wink:

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thank you for this information i think it will resolve my probleme :kissing_heart: