Connecting client from out of LAN network to proxy server

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a duplicate thread but I’ve been looking through the forums for days and personally haven’t seen an answer to this but I do apologise if it’s here and I’m just blind.

I’ve recently purchased a MIFI and a mobile sim with unlimited social network data (following the advice through one of these threads).

I couldn’t go with the Raspberry option so I decided to go with the CCProxy version.
However I am a Mac User so after research I found Squidman which seems to be quite similar.

I only need this proxy to work for 3 acc’s so the scaling element isn’t a big deal to me. I am running Jarvee on a VPS and would want the proxy server I create on my Mac to allow the VPS to connect using the proxy but I’m having a lot of difficulties.

I’ve managed to get the proxy server working locally which was pretty simple but I am unsure how to make this extend so the VPS can connect onto it.

Is this possible using just software? Or so I need to get a Raspberry? Or am I missing something all together?


Open the proxy port on your router and forward it to the Mac local IP.
Search port forwarding on Google.
It’s pretty simple

Cheers mate really appreciate the advice.

Just added a ‘custom service’ - Port Forwarding on my sky hub adding the start port ‘3128’ and end port ‘3129’ also adding type TCP/UDP.

After saving that, I gave it a go but still no luck, could the routers ‘Firewall services’ be also affecting it? Would do I need to add extra permissions?

Thanks for the help.


Get a Raspberry PI
install windows 10 on your mac using boot camp assistance
and follow my guide i posted yesterday !

I’ll check it out thanks.

Does Raspberry work for mobile proxies? Ultimately I want to use a SIM card as a proxy server.