Connecting to Facebook with Instagram

I noticed that connecting a facebook account might actually increase the authority of an instagram account. Is this true?

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No one can say for sure. Everything is only theory. It makes it easier for you to get your account back though.


Completely unrelated question: Should I keep my scraping accounts with a separate proxy?

PS: You always respond to my posts so quickly at @wortime even at 4am. Thanks for your dedication to this forum man.

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It’s not so much dedication as it is lack of ability to sleep and some kind of adult onset ADHD. But thanks I guess?

For scraping I don’t really think it matters. TBH I think people overthink it. That being said, I err on the side of caution and just use a crappy account and whatever proxy I have laying around. I’ve never had any issues, but I’m not scraping 10 million users all day every day.

And on that note since scraping seems to be popular for some reason. Not every aspect of scraping uses the API as I understand it. Certain ones do, like when you use the tool to scrape and send to another profile for likes and follows. Things like that. But for something like scraping 10 million users AND all their details? It works in a different way. I think IG would just stop working for you at that point because each one would be an API call if I remember correctly. I’m not a dev, and someone can feel free to correct me.

So it depends on how you use it, what you use it for etc. I think most people are going to be fine. If you intend to do it all day every day just use a blocked account and crappy proxy you don’t care about and just have at it.

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I’m having the same exact problem of a poor sleeping cycle. I probably only see sunlight for a couple hours per day lol.

On another note, I see that a lot of people recommend creating a new account/profile on a new proxy and then immediately letting it rest for a few days before warming up. Why is this though? Doesn’t doing follow actions after creating an account normal for people who actually create accounts to use instagram? Seems like a silly concept to me.

This only thing that makes sense to me is to let the account rest after switching to a different proxy, but if you create an account on a new proxy it shouldn’t really matter, right?

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Not all accounts are created equally, and not everyone warns them up the same. A “normal” new to Instagram user might follow sine or all of the suggested plus a few friends.

And IG itself changes. 2 years ago you could buy an old IG from just about anywhere and it would have no issues. Then it had to be from T1 countries IPs. Now if you read the forum, a brand new IG can do the same as any other.

I haven’t tested it enough to tell you conclusively.

As for putting it on a new IP and waiting. Opinions on this Are kind of like a butthole. Almost everyone has one.

IG accounts move from IP to IP all the time. But moving from a mobile IP to a datacenter IP is not the same as moving from mobile to mobile. There’s nothing wrong with a little caution IMO

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