Connecting to Reddit, any help?

Any tips of getting reddit to connect, I’m using manual browser and get Invalid Creds even thou I’ve logged in

Is that on Jarvee? If yes have you been looking what’s going on inside EB when you hit Verify account?

Its MP, whats EB

Embedded browser for that account on MP.

I can login via the browser and hit save the login details but still get the same message

Click on this button

Or go in Settings tab > check Show advanced profile settings > click on Mark As Valid.

Thanks, did that, but the account doesnt show up in Campaigns

See error, still not recognising being logged in

try to mark the account as valid as Ossi said and it should work fine after that what do you mean by it doesn’t show in the campaign? you need to make sure the account is logged correctly first on the EB then mark it as valid.

Still not working, in the Campaigns section is should show up with the Sub reddits that I can create posts in

I don’t think you can post or use campaigns with Reddit in Jarvee - I believe it was never added…

Not sure why note.

now I understand, yes it’s exactly like jas said you can’t post on Reddit using campaigns.