Considering making an Instagram Video Course......HELP?

I imagine that most of you don’t need another “Instagram course” with a bunch of generic advice to help you out…

But most people aren’t as advanced as you all :slight_smile:

I work for a social media agency that helps businesses w/ Instagram and Facebook. A lot of the prospective customers we talk to are really just getting started out as entrepreneurs and don’t have the budget to work with us. Nevertheless they could still use some advice and i think a course would really benefit them. I would hope to make this course fairly advanced and full of up-to-date strategies and tactics that are working right now.

So I’ve got a few questions I was hoping you could help me with…

  1. What “intermediate-level” advice would be really helpful/actionable for people to grow their business w/ IG. Obviously I would include all of the “getting started” advice like choosing a username w/ appropriate keywords, formatting your bio, etc. Here are some other things I am thinking about:
  1. Are there any other good guides/courses you know of? Have you tried any?

Here are some I’ve come across: - video series - pdf book - udemy video course

Thanks for your help!

(and for your help getting to level 2 lol)


More questions that just came to mind…

  1. Do you think this course would be better if I partnered with a large IG influencer or brand? (Crushfame does this w/ Gabby Epstein)

  2. Thoughts on a drip email course instead of a video one? Which would you prefer?

I’m pretty sure your the same guy that came here promoting that crushfame.

Probable the stuff you mentioned already, seems like a good starting point based on the courses/books you linked to.

Here are some others you can look up, should be plenty of content to compare your ideas against:

  • Millionaire Mafia
  • Instagram University
  • Instagram Bootcamp
  • Instagram Domination
  • Instagram Success Summit

Not to be rude, but did you want us to create this course for you? Will we be getting a percentage of the sales for providing you with the content? Are you looking to get to level 2 so you can just copy the stuff others have made and use it for this project?


Yes Do it! but please make it really relevant information as much as posible
because i checked Millionarie Mafia part 1, he talking for 7 min about your name, your profile picture
for the love of god he starting with how to create instagram, “you need to enter to ios or google play store”… my point is there is so much instagram click baits titles with 0% real information, seems like they making those videos for 8years old that have no idea what instagram is…
Make videos with real relevant information juice, your tricks your methods etc
good luck sister


lol i’m not the guy that was promoting crushfame at all…that’s ok though!

thank you for your help! I will look into the courses that you mentioned :slight_smile:

this is really just something i was thinking about the other week. I run my own social media agency with 20+ employees and 1000+ customers so the course thing isn’t a high priority, but I think we could make it really high quality and useful if we put the effort in. Many of the folks we talk to aren’t quite ready/don’t have the budget to work with us, but could use some help w/ their social.

I’ve been spending time reading and contributing to MP Social because I want to learn the latest tactics/strategies that we can use for our clients, and generally stay in the loop. Am not trying to get to level 2+ just so I can make this course, lol…

totally agree that most of the stuff out there is really generic information, or like beginner level 0 (i.e. how to add a link to your bio).

If we end up making anything at all, I would try to avoid anything generic and only include actionable advice. (easier said than done though!)