Constant follower decrease: Instagram bug?

Hello, everyone,
I have a bug on several of my accounts which is that I stagnate while about twenty people follow me every day, and as well unfollow or even more! I don’t think it’s real people who unfollow from my account because there’s no particular reason, especially since it’s been repetitive for several weeks now.
Is it an Instagram bug that automatically unfollow people? Because it slows down my growth considerably, losing dozens of followers every day is impossible to get bigger.
Any ideas? I know this problem is known but I don’t have the answer.

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Instagram want you to use ads to grow. and a lot of people inside JV can unfollow but not follow, so maybe they are getting rid all of the ghost, automated accounts…

Removing hundreds of followers/thousands on each account is counterproductive, I don’t think Instagram is doing this deliberately. In addition, I don’t have 30 people who are considered ghost followers to remove every day from my account

Wait, I didn’t get your problem? People are unfollowing you or your account unfollows people automatically?

People unfollow me. But when it comes to dozens of people every day it’s not natural. Either an Instagram bug or an Instagram bug that removes ghost followers - but I doubt that I had more than 1000 inactive people on my account given my engagement rate.
In short, growth is compromised: if I stop automation, I lose followers massively , if I continue this stabilizes but I do not progress.

I’ve been losing overall ~70 followers per week for the past year or so. All of my followers are legit, have never bought a single one. Content is always on brand, high quality, and consistent.

Are you saying that your account haven’t grown for years? If the answer is no, then your case do not apply to mine; of course people come and go, especially with f/uf but this is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about something for the pasts weeks which is removing my followers for no reason and I never had this before.

If you did some follow unfollow for months before then that’s probably why you are loosing, also probably if you have a big account then expect at least 20% of your followers are people who do follow unfollow plus spam accounts.

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Why would tens of people unfollow me since 2 weeks and it never happened for the past years?
I have 21k on one of the account affected, I estimate 1k loss of followers for the past weeks. with 20% of engagement rate in general.

No one ever considered it just account bleed? It happens to everyone. It’s even worse when you post

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It’s definitely a loss of inactive & fake accounts which are being removed, as well as possibly bots which are also unfollowing. Same happens to me and many others. I lose about 40 on a good day. This could be coupled with a natural bleed like @oneoneseven suggested, although if it’s consistently happening then the former is most likely the case.


Have had a similar problem for the last few months. My account has never been botted and i’ve never bought followers or likes.

Started account June 18
Grew to 10k in around 8 months.
New followers dropped to a rate of 50 a day, then to 35, and now I barely break even - losing around 15-20 a day.

I get faster, quality engagement, triple the comments etc than competitor accounts of a similar size, yet they are growing by 35-50 a day organically.

I had the same problem on a clients account. I did an audience segment check with Hypeauditor and it turned out it wasn’t the ghost followers that were removed. Maybe IG retroactively removes Followers gained through bot f/uf?

If it’s not the same people following and unfollowinh constantly then it’s just account bleed. Happens to everyone, the bigger the account the worse. The less personal attachment to the account the worse. The more you post on a big account the worse. I dont think it’s an IG bug.

I feel like that’s just waaay too far thinking…

interesting share, some of my big accounts also lose followers (whilst having great engagement rates) and yet some accounts in the similar size/lower engagement grow like on steroids (with very specific/targeted/niche sources) in a small European country…

i dont’t think so, The two most common reason to why you are losing followers is because Instagram followers are banning fake accounts that are following you or if the fake followers are unfollowing you. Or: If you post low-quality content that people don’t want to see


Thats not a bug, reason is the methods you used to grow in first place gained you many bad followers that are not interested in ur content and account at all. Second reason is instagram is full of bots and trash accs that they delete on daily basis. Not sure if you noficed sometimes but i did on some client accounts when they publish new photo they lose even more followers. Why? Because people/followers see their new photo on feed and think who the hell is this? They not remember they followed you just because you followed them some time ago, and you are not some celebrity they would recognize. They just unfollow. So that is your answer

Yes, I think this is most accurate answer. As I said, I was gaining tens of followers everyday, since 2 weeks now I’m constantly loosing few of them (3,5 per day). Accounts affected are 5years old so maybe Instagram is purging those old and inactive followers even tho someone said for it was not the case for him.