Contabo port speed question

I’m considering moving from my current Hdd VPS provider to Contabo ssd L plan but one thing concern me.

all specs are amazing in this plan except the port speed that are 100 Mbit/s port.

today i’m with Much lower specs but with 500 Mbit/s guaranteed.

i am currently run 9 accounts and plan to expend to 15 max. follow/unfolow like & post 2 picture a day

can i work with this port speed flawlessly???

@Adnan, i know you recommended them before , what is your call on this one ?

100 Mbps is more than enough for everything to work flawlessly, don’t worry about that.


@Adnan, First time I heard for Contabo now… Can you please tell me about their service in few lines? How is their tech support? I can’t find where you recommended their service… Thanks in advance

I mentioned it couple of times. You can read all you need about them on their website. I think they’re slow with email support, but really fast with phone support.

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Thanks for reply .
one last QA , windows 2016 OS or windows 2012 does it matter?

Not really important to be honest, although the 2012 is probably cheaper - yep they charge for Windows Server license too.

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Yep, but Ram is storage are huge! and number of cores are amazing no matter what plan you take even with the windows fee.

for me its like moving from subaru to BMW haha and still pay less.

i’m currently with 2 cors, 2 giga 75 hhd hard disk
so it no brainer to me.

just want to check this port issue before going all in:)
Thanks again

yeah, and they have SSD boost too. :slight_smile:

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tomorrow i will order this one. :slight_smile: