Contact only people which I’ve followed?


Is there a method to contact only those people which Jarvee has followed?

Reason: When Jarvee extract people and write to them. Most of them doesn’t see the message. Because the message lands in spam folder.


Do you mean people who followed you back? we usually use Send Message to New Followers feature to send DM to new followers.

If you want to send DM to those whom you’re following, you can use the Follow tool > DM after follow or you can extract your followings in Contact > Extract users tab by using followings/yourusername as extraction source.

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To don’t end up in their spam folder they have to follow me right?

Or is it enough when I follow them?

Following them isn’t enough, they have to follow you back if you want your DMs not to end up in pending message requests tab.

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So I have to do follow/unfollow and then extract the followings from my own account to contact them.

Thank you for your ideas.

sorry, you don’t have to follow them, as long as they’re your followers, they will see your messages in their inbox.

just enable send message to new followers, or extract followers/yourusername in your Contact tool.

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Instagram made changes with message requests. If a user receives a message from someone whom they do not follow, then that user’s message will end up on the message requests first. The user needs to approve receiving the message first before the item will move to the regular DM inbox.