Contact tool - cant send over 50 DMs

Yo guys,

I got another issue. Ive tried really alot settings for the Contact tool, but in my statistics tab it never went over 50 DMs per day and I am very curious why is that happening. Ive got enough pending messages and I also got good setting for sending, neither spintax of the message is fine.

I will be very glad if somebody will help me solf this out :slight_smile:

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Welcome to MP social.

If you want to ask for community help, it’s best to give more info so people don’t have to ask so many questions.

Account age
What kind of proxies
Did you warm up to 50 a day?
When did they stop sending?

Things like that.


Well, it was said in the last post but anyway.
Age is really long, proxies are Highproxies, warm up was done long time ago :slight_smile: And they never stopped, like I said, they are sending, but max is 50 per day.

Maybe it’s just me, but none of that was in your initial post.

So they are sending but their max is 50 per day? That’s typical.

There’s no guarantee, but if you move to residential or mobile proxies, rest the accounts. Warm them up to DMs again slowly, you might get a few more DMs per day.

There’s a lot of factors. But everyone spams DMs. So it could even just be people reporting your spammy DM.

For DMs you need to keep it short and sweet, good hook, no direct sales off the top, just suggestive selling or intrigue them.

If you have a 1,000 word diatribe about me buying your shirt with a discount coupon code, I’m reporting that shit.

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