Contacting brands for sponsorships

Just thinking out loud here and was wondering what everyones general thoughts are regarding contacting brands and other companies for sponsorships, either through the content you post, or a collaborative thing.

Clearly having a big account would make a huge difference, but what do you think is the right point in which you can successfully contact a brand without looking spammy, or without looking desperate for attention?

Is there a follower sweet spot where you’re considered “legit enough” for a brand to recognize you and offer promotional items? 10k? 20k? 100k?

The reason I ask, is because for my photography I’ve been looking for collaborative stuff that I can incorporate into photos without having to buy and return, I’d rather just get a loaner from someone that fits what I need, and return it (or not if they don’t care).

edit - was specific to Instagram but I guess it can live in OT for general sponsorship related talk :slight_smile:

“Micro” influencers are on the rise. That is, accounts with between 10k to 100k followers with an above average engagement rate (4%). You will need to get yourself listed or reach out, but results vary according to what I’ve been finding.


That is an interesting idea @ian I would say that depends on the niche and how your account look like and probably a lot of brands will be interested in it as they set up a sponsorship budget for every year, so always try to reach to as many brands as you can when the end of the year is near :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean when they have a budget deficit to dump for tax write-offs that they can justify with “social media spending”? :rage: