who have an experience with!!
it’s my first month wuth this company, i have some revenue in march -249$- since now i don’t receive any notification about payment!


I use them & have gotten paid.

From their FAQ -

How and when will I get paid?

Payments are made once per month, provided that you have earned at least $50 in unpaid revenue. Payment for revenue earned in March, for example, will be sent out at the end of April. Accumulated earnings of under $50 and above $10 will be paid out once a year in January.

Have you contacted them?


yes just now, but i don’t receive any answer.

did you receive march earnings ?
i use local bank transfer
thank you for reply :wink:


No, because I basically paused all of my blogs in February while I re-evaluated a few things… so I had like $12 in earnings for March.

April ended yesterday & it was a weekend. If you don’t get paid today or tomorrow, contact them & see what’s up. I’ve never had a problem getting paid by them, though. FWIW, I use paypal.


ook, i forgot that :sweat_smile:
thank you man