Content for twitter accounts


Hello guys. I would like to ask you about content for Twitter accounts. I have a fan facebook page. I would like to post content from my facebook fan page to my twitter accounts. Is it permitted on Twitter or i should create only original content and links?


If you want to share a post from your facebook page to your twitter then that might prove difficult as facebook does not have a share feature for twitter.

What you can do is that you can create an rss feed and extract the post from your facebook page and post it to Twitter. Check this out

Or, you can create an entirely new posts for your twitter campaign. You can check this out


But i should create the unique posts for my twitter accounts or i can use the same content? Can i post the same links to my twitter accounts? I would be banned by Twitter or not?


No you won’t be ban or suspended if you are posting the same content from fb and twitter as long as you are not spamming


I also would like to ask you about the rules of Twitter. I created a couple of new accounts on Twitter not long ago but when i posted a link to my squeeze page( on this accounts i was blocked by Twitter. What i did wrong? I created the different texts for these accounts. For example, The 5 laziest ways how to reduce weight quickly and healthy( Twitter thinks that it is spam?


I’m turning a Facebook group (not mine) into an RSS feed and then adding it to Campaign