Content Locker Plugin Challenges on WordPress

So I’m a newbie with Content Lockers, WordPress development, so hoping to find some ideas, this is my first content locker setup ever…

I want to create a content locker that has an email capture, and auto-redirects to the clickbank offer.

However at this moment the content locker plugin, after entering an email address, will only show the link, which the user still has to click. I’m trying to eliminate this extra click, and go straight to the offer.

If my flow is wrong, please give me some ideas. Or if there a plugin you recommend, or maybe some scraps of code I should drop in, I would be grateful.

You should ask plugin developer for help. He will surely solve your problem. I never tried content locker so can’t suggest from my side.


Can you link that plugin here what you use? I am curious how it works. Personally I never used a content lock plugin.


This is a free plugin I found:

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good idea, just messaged them