Converting my repost page to brand page

Hey guys, I have a big outfit repost page and I plan to convert it to my clothing brand page.

However, this kind of conversion will hurt my engagement inevitably due to the nature and content type changes. I already see an engagement drop when I was testing new content.

What should I do in this case to minimize the damage to my ER and build my ER back up? I’m considering using M/S to beef up my ER, is this possible?

I really appreciate all kind of helps

Could you use the big page to shoutout for a new page that can be your clothing brand page? Just a suggestion.

Actually I’ve done this before however at beginning of this year I changed my repost page to the brand name. And I already have products under that brand name (I’m not drop-shipping, original design brand). So it would make the most sense to just make the page my brand. I also want to build up as much hype as possible for my release so I decided to just convert it.

One thing I can think of to minimize the damage of course is to create brand content that is similar to what I used to post, but on top of that I would like to have as many ways as possible to make the conversion smoothly.

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I’m doing similar but making a brand/platform on a website and using the insta page with the same name to promote our brand aswell as still reposting and creating a community

What niche are you in and what content do you repost? If you don’t mind me asking

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Im creating a creative online platform, so i aim to be a platform where artists from all places come on to showcase their work etc, so im usually reposting fashion/aethetic/minimal/architecture photography but plan on creating a brand to run along side it with the same name etc

i think its a pretty solid plan to work in any niche as long as you can make a really tight knit community

I think we might be in the same niche, dm me your @ if you don’t mind I’d like to work with you if possible