Convince me there is such thing as "shadowban"

I believe there is no such thing as shadowban and people use that as an excuse for their poor post performance so that the fault can be someone else’s. If someone can show me actual PROOF that such a thing exists I will change my mind. The only evidence I’ve ever encountered is people saying “it’s definitely real because i did A and then B happened.”

From what I understand, a shadowban is basically: When a user does something the algorithm doesn’t like, and as a consequence their content is limited as to how many feeds it will appear on for a period of time, thus killing traction and making it impossible to go viral.

If that is wrong someone please correct me or feel free just to paraphrase and make a better definition.

I would just like to see some undeniable evidence that shadowbanning actually happens, please…CHANGE MY MIND

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Engagement went down the same moment followers went negative.
Am i supposed to believe all my followers just started hating my posts in the exact same day?


The most convincing thing out there is tiktok famous 14-year old kid showing how his account doesn’t come up in search results or in hashtags. And if this IS a some kind of negative consequence, I believe it’s not a “shadowban” as we know it, but a kind that’s triggered by something unknown. The kid explains how he’s got a spotless record, and shows how innocent all his content is. He’s probably never even said a cuss word in his life, I’m just not sure what he could possibly be getting punished for.

Another possibility, and what I’d be more inclined to believe, is that this is nothing more than a glitch with his account.

Less likely: He fabricated the whole thing (but it seems to be he’s 100% genuine).

Other than that kid’s YouTube vid…everything else out there on the subject of shadowbans is just people discussing thoughts and theories. I’m still gonna need some solid PROOF

I’m not sure what I’m looking at. Can you explain this to me?

You don’t need us, you can find out for yourself. Use a x rated hashtag – #anal as an example – post and watch. that simple. see everything go down to a crawl.
If you won’t test, you will not believe anyone cause you need facts.


hahaha perfect response… :rofl:

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So then what can cause a person to get shadow banned on TikTok? X-Rated hashtags, anything else?

Promotion of goods such as guns, to much sex etc. Its a media for fun right now kids. There are many minors on it also wrong songs and a million more